What To Expect in the Coming Weeks

H 35W/IH 820 Interchange

  • Construction of deck panels for the managed lane tie-ins from northbound and southbound IH 35W to eastbound IH 820.
  • Construction of the new permanent on-ramp from Meacham Blvd. to northbound IH 35W.

IH 820 near Beach Street

  • Continued construction of retaining walls.
  • Setting of deck panels for the Beach Street/IH 820 improvements.

IH 820 between Haltom Rd. and Denton Hwy. 377

  • Construction of columns and abutments for the new Haltom Road bridge.
  • The beginning phases of construction of the new westbound IH 820 frontage road from Denton Hwy 377 to Haltom Road.
  • Construction of new concrete decks and retaining walls near Big Fossil Creek.

IH 820 near Iron Horse

  • Utility relocations, construction of the new eastbound and westbound frontage roads, and the beginning phases for the reconstruction of the Iron Horse bridge.
  • Note: The IH 820 westbound off-ramp to Iron Horse Dr. is closed through December 2012.
  • Note: The Iron Horse bridge is closed through September 2013.

IH 820 near Holiday Lane

  • Construction of retaining walls and panel placement for the Holiday Lane/IH 820 improvements.

IH 820/ SH 121/ SH 183 Interchange

  • Construction of columns and caps and the setting of beams within the IH 820/SH 121/SH 183 interchange.

SH 121/183 btwn Northeast Mall and Precinct Line Rd

  • Excavation and installation of construction columns and continuing phases of retaining walls.

SH 121/SH 183 near Hurstview Drive

  • Shifting westbound traffic to new pavement between Norwood Drive and Precinct Line Road.
  • Continued construction of the new Hurstview Drive bridge.
  • Note: Hurstview Bridge closed on April 16, 2012 and will be closed for approximately one year.

SH 121/183 Near Brown Trail

  • Excavation and beginning phases for the expansion of the Brown Trail bridge.

SH 121/183 Near Bedford Road

  • Partial bridge demolition of Bedford Road.
  • Installation of construction columns and beginning phases for the westbound Brown Trail off-ramp.
  • Please note: The off-ramp from westbound SH 121/183 to Bedford Road has been re-opened.

SH 121/183 Near Forest Ridge Drive

  • Partial bridge demolition of Forest Ridge Drive.

SH 121/SH 183 Near Central Drive

  • Please note: The on-ramp to westbound SH 121/183 from Central Drive has been re-opened.

SH 121/SH 183 split near Murphy Drive / Westpark Way

  • Continued construction of retaining walls and the continued expansion at the SH 121/183 split.
  • Note: A new left-lane exit from eastbound SH121/183 to northbound SH121 opened on January 7. Drivers should be aware of the traffic shift.
  • Note: The direct connect from westbound SH 183 to northbound SH 121 is permanently closed for construction of a new connection. Traffic is being redirected to use the previous exit at Murphy Drive/Westpark Way.