Grubbs Infiniti Grapevine – Now Open

The big day has finally arrived!  We are now open in our new home in Grapevine.  We welcome you to visit us and experience our top level of service.

Since being one of the first Infiniti dealers in the country and the first in Texas, its exciting to think about this being our third building for this brand.  This is actually the second time we are opening the World’s largest Infiniti dealership.  We have experienced so much growth over the years, it only makes sense for us to do it again.  Our first location in Fort Worth was a small building on about 1 acre.  We then moved to Euless and our second building, the World’s largest at the time, was around 35,000 square feet on 5 acres.  Now that we are in Grapevine we have built a 75,000 square foot building on 12 acres.

We thank all of our loyal clients over the years and we look forward to serving you and our new clients for years to come at our new location in Grapevine, TX.  Below are some teaser photos but you need to come see the rest of our new home for yourself.

Exterior Gallery Gallery2 Hallway

Staff and Family Preview Day

We are one week away from opening Grubbs Infiniti in Grapevine, the World’s largest Infiniti dealership.  Yesterday, we hosted a Staff and Family preview party for all of our staff and their families.  We had over 250 adults and kids come see our new building in its new finished state.  Most everyone had already chosen their office so they were able to show their family where they will be and also show them around our beautiful building.  We are all very proud to call this our new home and we can’t wait to open the doors to our clients and guests.  Here is our group photo on the Gallery floor.  We can’t wait to serve our clients here!



Grapevine Infiniti Dealership Construction Update

We are 1 month away from opening!  A lot has been happening over the last month and it has now come down to all the little items needed to finish the project.  But a project this size has a lot of little things and they add up.  This will be the world’s largest Infiniti dealership and it will also be state of the art with digital signage, a café, multiple lounges, a community room, a large gallery and the list goes on.  You will have to come see it!

Here is what’s been happening to get us ready:

  • Finished all the concrete
  • Finished the hail tents
  • Installed light poles
  • Installation of the shop equipment
  • Interior finish-out of paint, tile, doors, woodwork, etc.


Grapevine Infiniti Dealership Construction Update

We are now 60 days away from opening our doors!

  • All of the exterior glass has been installed including the Feature Wall on the showroom
  • The hail nets have been installed behind the building
  • Concrete is being filled in around the building
  • All interior walls have been textured and painted
  • Tile has started inside.  The is over 1 acre of tile to be laid!
  • Woodwork has started along with all finish out


Grapevine Infiniti Dealership Construction Update

Our project is coming along well and a lot has happened in the last month

South parking concrete is complete

North parking concrete has started on the front and around the corner

The Feature Glass Wall structure is complete and glass is being sized

Glass is being installed on the Pre-Owned offices

The stucco portion of the building is complete and painted

Stone is being added to the Pre-Owned offices

Soon the building will be in the dry and interior painting will begin!


Dealership Construction Update 10-5-2014

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks!  Here is the latest-

All exterior walls are up now

More concrete has been poured in the back lot

Most of the interior walls have been framed

Some sheetrock is going up

Exterior stucco and stone has started

All the HVAC units have been set on the roof

The Corner Site has been graded and is ready for another dealership.  What could it be?