2016 Infiniti QX60 earns Top Safety Pick+ award from IIHS

NASHVILLE – The newly freshened 2016 Infiniti QX60 premium crossover, when equipped with Forward Emergency Braking, has received a Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) after earning a “Superior” rating for front crash prevention.

Infiniti has comprehensively enhanced its versatile QX60 premium crossover for 2016, introducing a wide range of changes that improve the seven-seater’s exterior design and its driving dynamics, while showcasing new features and technologies that improve comfort, convenience and safety.

Infiniti has comprehensively enhanced its versatile QX60 premium crossover for 2016, introducing a wide range of changes that improve the seven-seater’s exterior design and its driving dynamics, while showcasing new features and technologies that improve comfort, convenience and safety.

Along with “Good” ratings in the IIHS’s five crashworthiness tests, the Infiniti QX60’s “Superior” rating for front crash prevention is a result of its performance in both the 12 mph and 25 mph front crash prevention tests. In the 25 mph test, the QX60’s impact speed was reduced by an average of 10 mph. The QX60 also received credit for forward collision warning components in its front crash prevention system that meets National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) criteria.

To qualify for Top Safety Pick+, the IIHS’s highest award, a vehicle must earn good ratings in the small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests, plus an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention.

“Infiniti is obviously pleased to receive the exclusive IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, which reflects the organization’s strictest testing standards, for the 2016 QX60,” said Randy Parker, vice president, Infiniti Americas. “The enhancements to the QX60 for the new model year, especially in the expansion of its advanced technology features, once again raise the standard in the premium crossover segment.”

The 2016 QX60 includes a wide range of changes that improve the seven-seat crossover’s exterior design and its driving dynamics, while showcasing new features and technologies that improve comfort, convenience and safety.

The QX60 adds to its already strong suite of advanced safety technology with Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) with pedestrian detection – a first for Infiniti – and the brand’s exclusive Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW) system.

2016 Infiniti QX60 Safety, Security and Driving Aid Features
All 2016 Infiniti QX60 models come standard with a host of active and passive safety features, starting with an Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) with dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt and occupant classification sensors; roof-mounted curtain side impact supplemental air bags with rollover sensor for outboard occupant head protection for all three rows; and front seat-mounted side impact supplemental air bags. In addition, available technologies include:

  • Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) with pedestrian detection – FEB utilizes advanced technology to calculate the distance between QX60 and the vehicle in front, as well as the speed of both vehicles, to detect the possibility of a collision and help mitigate or prevent it. The additional functionality offered by the QX60 FEB with pedestrian detection system applies this technology to help avoid or mitigate collisions with pedestrians as well.
  • Backup Collision Intervention (BCI) – Alerts the driver to crossing vehicles and other large stationary objects to the rear when the transmission is in reverse. If necessary, the system is able to automatically to engage the brakes to help avoid or mitigate a collision.
  • Around View® Monitor (AVM) – Parking is made easy with the addition of the new Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection (MOD). The system uses four wide-angle lenses – one on each side of the vehicle – to create a “birds-eye” view on the center console and give drivers a clear picture of nearby hazards during low-speed maneuvers.

The 2016 QX60 is available now at Grubbs Infiniti.

Grubbs Infiniti Reviews the All-new 2014 QX50

Grubbs Infiniti new car dealer near Dallas TX 2014 QX50 in EulessCompact luxury crossover vehicles are in high demand both here in Dallas, Texas and nationwide as well, and Grubbs Infiniti is proud to offer its brand new 2014 QX50! In a recent review of the new QX50 provided by TheCarConnection.com, some notable comments are that “It overdelivers on responsiveness, driving dynamics, and decidedly non-crossover looks, while offering an intimate cabin look and feel that feels anything but mass-market . . . In style and performance, the QX50 is a very satisfying [selection] . . . ” Here at Grubbs Infiniti, we couldn’t agree more! The QX50 is a phenomenal vehicle, and we believe there’s no better choice in compact luxury crossover vehicles, across the board! Why not take this opportunity to check out the new Infiniti QX50 for a free, no obligation 24 hour test drive brought right to your home or work location, exclusively by the Grubbs Infiniti Valet Plus program?? Or, start your purchase now by applying for vehicle financing online now! We hope you do! As an authorized Infiniti dealer in DFW, TX, we appreciate you making us your choice, and we can’t wait for you to contact us about your interest in the new QX50! Thank you!

2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid

2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid

At Grubbs Infiniti, we’ve been “Going Green” for years with personal initiatives to reduce waste and energy consumption by recycling, going paperless, ride-sharing and more.  It’s great to see Infiniti is committed to that same goal by creating a luxury seven-passenger vehicle that’s a hybrid.

Here is what the New York Times says about the 2014 Infiniti QX60.

What is it? The hybrid version of Infiniti’s seven-passenger luxury crossover, the QX60 (formerly JX).

Is it real? Really, really stylish and really economical.

What they said: “The QX60 Hybrid offers best in class fuel economy without compromise of performance, in a full-featured seven-passenger, three-row luxury crossover,” said Johan de Nysschen, Infiniti’s president. “It provides reduced emissions, enhanced fuel economy and extended driving range of more than 500 miles – without a major price premium.”

What they didn’t say: With this hybrid, Infiniti may have turned over a new ace in its poker game with the likes of the Acura MDX and the Lincoln MKT. Call, raise or fold, pardners.

What makes it tick? Instead of the standard QX60’s 3.5-liter V-6 engine, the hybrid is equipped with a supercharged 2.5-liter in-line four-cylinder and an electric motor powered by a compact lithium-ion battery pack (under the third-row seat) good for 250 horsepower. The system uses a continuously variable transmission. It is available in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Fuel economy is estimated at 26 m.p.g. combined, about 24 percent better than the gas-powered QX60.

How much? How soon? Expect about a $3,000 price bump over the $43,000-ish sticker price of nonhybrid QX60s. It arrives this summer.

How’s it look? If you liked the look of the gas-powered QX60, you’ll like the hybrid. In fact, you probably won’t be able to tell them apart.

Infiniti Brings Home the Gold

Infiniti IPL G CoupeWith the 2012 Summer Olympics in full swing, we’re all focused on winning. That’s why Grubbs Infiniti is pleased to announce that the Infiniti IPL G Coupe took home the gold from Total Car Score.  Total Car Score is one of the most comprehensive automotive ranking and comparison websites and they recently announced their list of the Top 10 High-Performance Cars for 2012.

 Infiniti was Number One.

The high-performance cars on this list come from a wide variety of vehicle types, including street-ready muscle cars, high-performance luxury sedans, and even a full-sized racing truck.

“High-performance cars still matter,” said Karl Brauer, CEO of Total Car Score. “Performance cars are often on the leading edge of vehicle research and development work, and this work eventually benefits the entire model line.”

George Grubbs III, Owner/General Manager of Grubbs Infiniti agrees. “We just keep offering better vehicles every year. Infiniti is on the cutting edge of technology and we see amazing advances every time they release a new car. Our customers are excited when they take a test drive. We’ve spent a lot of time training our staff so they truly understand and can convey all the new features offered. It’s a great time to be an Infiniti partner.”

Total Car Score’s ranking of the top high-performance models for 2012 is based on the website’s aggregate scoring model that incorporates the car reviews and rankings of top automotive authorities. Here’s what they had to say about the Infiniti IPL G Coupe:

Infiniti IPL G Coupe – Total Car Score: 85.21, MPG 19-22 Combined

The 2012 Infiniti IPL G Coupe earns one of the highest Total Car Scores in the Luxury High-Performance segment, which is quite a feat considering that other cars in the category include the BMW M3 and the Boxster and Cayman from Porsche, Brauer said.

Grubbs Infiniti welcomes you to visit and take a test drive. Find out more at www.GrubbsInfiniti.com

Infiniti FX 50s Review

When the invitation came in from Infiniti to test drive their FX50S, I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I should have been. The appeal of an SUV, much less one that is nowadays called a ‘crossover’, has always eluded me. Despite looking like they could, you cannot go off-roading in these. They are far too luxurious and spec’d differently from true dune bashers like the Land Cruiser and the Patrol. The luxury car segment is well covered by the likes of the S Class, the 7 series and the A8 and their ilk. If you wanted really spirited performance, you opted for a sports coupe. Where did a ‘crossover’ fit in to all this?

Infiniti_FX50S-1.jpgThe natural evolution of an enthusiast began, as I saw it, with a hot hatch or sport coupe. You put up with the limitation on passenger comfort until such time as the family started expanding. At which time, you moved on and got yourself a sport sedan. Once you began prioritizing bump-absorption over cornering ability, you started eyeing the luxury sedans. If going off-road kept you busy on weekends, your second car had to be a proper 4×4. The progression was simple and logical – until car manufacturers started creating and dividing classifications, expanding niches and sub niches and generally adding more flavors than Baskin Robbins could churn out in an inspired month. Hence the niche that we find foisted upon us today – the SUV/crossover.

At first glance, the FX50S tends not to reveal too much and only members of the Infiniti fan club, if one exists, would readily differentiate it from its lesser variant the FX35. The standard 21-inch, 6 spoke aluminum alloy wheels wearing 265/45/21 tires look purposeful and give a subtle hint of the FX50S’s stated mission. The looks are a matter of personal taste and one that takes some warming up to for most people. Others love it at first sight. I had a colleague drawing similarities to a shark – a Great White, not the benign sort zipping around in aquariums the world over, destined only to scare the hordes of school children gaping through plexi-glass.  Viewed from an angle for a sufficient period of time, I could visualize the FX50S’s maw casting a predatory shape. The gills just aft of the front wheel arches only go further in conjuring up the illusion. Funky headlights with Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS) and auto-leveling headlights do a marvelous job of lighting around the corner when negotiating ramps in the parking block. The overall design and size of the FX range conveys pep with none of the bulk that accompanies most SUVs.

The first indication of this machine’s seriousness is when you thumb the starter button and hear the V8 rumble. Easing out of the car park, the visibility is good to the front and sides although the rear window is rather slim, enforced no doubt by the swoopy design. You realize that you are sat at lever higher than a normal sedan (naturally!) but much lower than the big off roaders. The way the revs pick up from low speed is quite extraordinary and sounds very different to some American V8s that pause mid stride to clear its throat. The 5.0 litre V8 throws out 390bhp at 6,500 rpm and 50.98 kg-m of torque at a relatively low 4,400 rpm. A Double Overhead Camshaft layout, with 4 valves per cylinder and CVTVCS (Continuously Variable valve Timing Control System) help explain the urge for quick revs. Independent shock absorbers at each corner coupled with stabilizer bars help channel the power on to the road. Huge, vented 4-piston discs, 355mm front and 350mm bite hard when you step on the brake. Perhaps I could get to like this machine more if I stopped thinking ‘Sport Utility Vehicle’ and just concentrated on the ‘sport’ aspect?

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Infiniti’s 2012 M35h – Fastest Accelerating Hybrid

Fashion Road Blog.com

Recently taken on drag strip in England, Infiniti’s 2012 M35h recorder a quarter-mile run in only 13.9 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating full hybrid. We love big, fast, luxurious and beautiful sedans, but with it’s fuel economy, now this is a hybrid that we can get behind.

The exterior of the car boasts a strong, muscular and performance inspired look finished off with 18-inch wheels that give the car a clean and that gives the car a tasteful appearance. On the inside we find attractive, high-quality materials and layout that really rivals that of even European luxury cars. The cabin is really an oasis with elegant seats and door trim design inside of a spacious area that even offers ample headroom for backseat passengers. One downside in terms of storage is the M35h has 11.3 cubic feet Of course, as in most hybrid sedans, the battery pack sits behind the rear seats, compromising that trunk space as well as not allowing for a fold-down seat option. The technology inside is state-of-the-art with available entertainment, comfort and safety technologies, furthermore, the navigation system as well as the audio system are practical

The 2012 M35h, as is a hybrid gasoline-electric variant that as expected from its name, is fitted with a 3.5-liter V6. The all-aluminum four-valve motor has 302 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. But what makes it a hybrid of course is that in between the engine and the transmission there is a 50 kW, 67 horsepower electric motor with 199 pound-feet of torque. Combined the car has a net horsepower of 360, which is pretty good for a Hybrid, further 0-60 mph comes in at 5.9 which is faster than many cars it compares to.

Driving the car was a complete charm. The M35h moves pretty fast, especially when you nail the gas pedal. It is an unexpected surprise coming from a big car with only a six-cylinder under the hood, but the Hybrid system actually assists and enhances the power much like a turbocharger would making for quick acceleration. The car also comes with different drive modes that offer different driving experiences. For example, in “normal” the car moves at a good pace but when placed in “sport” the car becomes really potent and you lose sight or rather forget that it a hybrid. Of course, if you really want to be really conscious of your environmental input, there is also the “Eco” mode, but trying to keep the car solely on EV mode can be tough even for those who try hard, as accelerating the car usually takes some power from the V-6. Also the car is happy to warn you of that, for when you accelerate hard as the “eco” light in the instrument panel goes from green to amber. Fuel economy is 27 mpg in city and 32 for highway, the combined results for fuel economy for the car comes in at 29 mpg, that is just 1-mpg less than a Ford Focus to put things into perspective.

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