11th Annual Grubbs Infiniti Freeze Off

Grubbs Freeze Off Winners

From Left to Right: Darrin Brown, Allie Martinez, Gene Johnson. Darrin won with his Caramel Chocolate Chunk. Gene took second with his Vanilla with Strawberry and Allie received 3rd with her Cookies and Cream

We celebrated our 11th Annual “Freeze Off” here at Grubbs Infiniti and it’s one of my favorite events.  To be fair, I get to sample a ton of homemade ice-cream, but it’s more than that.  I get to spend time with the amazing men and women who work to make Grubbs Infiniti such a wonderful place.  We laugh, we share stories and we create the kind of bond that makes us a real family.  There are people who have been with us for so many years.  I’ve watched their kids grow up and it’s wonderful to see pictures and hear the latest stories on what they’re doing now. Growing up, my Dad always stressed that the key to happy customers was surrounding yourself with a team that was happy, respected and valued.  Having fun events like our Freeze Off is a big part of that.  Seeing all those smiling faces as our staff enjoyed great BBQ and homemade ice cream made me happy.  And I’m pretty sure that when you visit in the future, you’ll experience some of that happiness too.  You’ll see it in the warm smile that greets you when you walk in the door.  You’ll hear it in our voices when we let you know how much we appreciate your business.  And, you’ll see it in all the little touches that make you feel like a genuine VIP. 

At Grubbs Infiniti we take a lot of pride in the work we do.  We know we have an amazing line of vehicles and there’s something wonderful about making luxury like this affordable for Dallas/Ft Worth families.  We know our new facility in Grapevine is a completely new and remarkable experience for our customers.  There’s a Customer Cafe with catered lunches and snacks, a business center where you can catch up with work on our free wifi with a gourmet coffee or soft drink.  We’ve worked so hard to create an environment that’s warm, beautiful and full of happy people who want to help you find the perfect Infiniti.  And, if you want the recipe for our winning ice-cream, we’ll pass that along as well.

George Grubbs III

Owner/General Manager

The Judges Arrive Ready to Judge Time to Eat