Alternate Routes to Grubbs Infiniti

As previously discussed here on our blog, the five-year project to reconstruct parts of IH 820/SH 121/SH 183, are well underway.

Please be advised the Westpark Way exit is closed and drivers are being redirected to use an exit ramp before Central Drive. According to Robert Hinkle, director of corporate affairs for North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners LLC, “drivers should start to expect these types of changes along the corridor”.

Alternate routes to Grubbs Infiniti include:

  • Exit Central, turn right and then left on Central Park to reach Westpark Way, turn left onto Westpark Way and then right onto the access road to reach the dealership or
  • Continue pass the closed exit, you will pass the dealership and exit Industrial Boulevard, loop back underneath the highway, turn left onto the access road and continue until Murphy Dr., turn left onto Murphy and then left onto the access road to reach the dealership

For more information about construction and alternate route information visit