Drive2Excellence Winner 2014


Do you remember when you were in high-school?  I was given a great reminder recently when I stood on the side of the Southlake Carroll High School track and football field watching all the 9-12th grade students walk by hoping to win a brand new Infiniti from Grubbs Infiniti.  As I looked across the sea of faces, I saw a lot of potential for our future.  It’s one of the reasons why I created the Drive2Excellence program at Grubbs Infiniti.  Throughout the 2013/2014 school year, students were encouraged to earn A’s, B’s and C’s and the better the grade, the more tickets they were given.  At the end of the year, those tickets were put into a drawing for a brand new Q50 from Grubbs.  What I especially liked about the program was that we were a part of academic excellence right here in Dallas/Ft Worth.  A brand new car is a great incentive and we were excited to be able to create this opportunity for the school and their students.  Twenty names were selected and nineteen of those names would go on to win a Dell tablet.  Each of the students was given a key that could start the Q50 and finally, Lauren Dooley, a Junior at Southlake Carroll High School, was all smiles when she discovered she was the big winner at the Drive2Excellence event. We were thrilled to be able to donate a brand new car for a year to Lauren for her outstanding achievement in academics.  Lauren had worked hard and had earned 45 tickets and later, her father let us know that he was so relieved that she would have a safe, reliable car to get to her summer job.  After such a great experience, I was more determined than ever to do more for this community and our schools.  Expect to see the Drive2Excellence program repeated at other schools in the coming years and I hope that Grubbs Infiniti will be able to inspire your student to work harder and strive for better grades.  Learn more at