Gearing Up For Autumn & Winter


Grubbs Infiniti is gearing up for Autumn and the coming winter season. Many drivers may not know that hot summers take a toll on vehicle components and systems. Sure, the following Maintenance Tips may be easy no-brainers, but they will make the transition to the fall and winter seasons a bit easier on your vehicle–and possibly your wallet.

Infiniti G37 Media Launch- Birmingham, Alabama. For Editorial Use Only.

Check Oil Level now. It’s worthwhile to examine your vehicle’s fluids, fuel system and high-wear components. Save money on future vehicle costs by becoming a maintenance ninja by thoroughly understanding what your car looks, sounds and runs like when it is working correctly.

Just take a look, feel around, and particularly make some observations on your vehicle’s fluids-their color, their feel, and smell. But a word of advice, “Don’t ever taste anything.”  I had an odd shop-teacher that would do that and I’m 100% that’s not a healthy approach.

While the vehicle is cool and has been idle for several hours, owners can take the oil dipstick and dab it on their finger. By rubbing your index finger and thumb together with oil in between, it is easy to tell if your oil is increasingly dirty and gritty–especially if you know how new oil feels. Although all oil naturally becomes dirty after it cycles through your engine, checking its quality with your own two fingers can tell you a lot about what is going on in your engine. Remember, oil is the blood of your vehicle, understanding the process it takes from new-to-expired will be monumental for any do-it-yourself car maintenance buff. Be careful, oil may be hot. Obviously, wash it off your skin after you make observations and take your notes!

When you do decide to change your oil, make sure to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. Many vehicles take two kinds of oil, one for the winter and one for all other seasons. Although it is a changing season, it is NOT time yet to switch oil types, as winter is still a few months away. Just a normal oil change with summer-grade viscosity should do the trick!

Here’s another good tip:  Although drivers should be checking their vehicle’s tires twice a month, a more thorough examination is never an act of overdoing it. Before winter seasons comes, it is wise to examine your tires for abnormal wear patterns, as well as overall remaining tread depth.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the quality of your wiper blades. If they are cracking, feel tacky or just not performing the way they use to, really think about having them replaced before even more extreme weather eats them away. Remember, wiper blades are not only for rainy seasons, but are also helpful in the icy rain and subsequent snowy conditions that will be upon us all soon.

If you’re like me and don’t have much time to spare, bring your vehicle in and let Grubbs Infiniti’s talented, professional and friendly team take care of everything for you.  You can relax in our beautiful customer cafe and enjoy our catered snacks, gourmet coffee, sodas and free WiFi.  And, from all of us at Grubbs Infiniti, here’s to a cooler season and a safe drive ahead.

George GrubbsIII

Owner / General Manager