Grubbs Infiniti: Our Big Move

Future Home of Grubbs Infiniti

For more than 60 years, the Grubbs family has provided an exceptional car-buying experience to their customers.  They are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and have established one of the strongest brands in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  The Grubbs family was the first in Texas to offer the Infiniti line of vehicles and have seen a steady growth and a broader customer base year after year.  Now, Grubbs Infiniti is poised to have an even bigger and better place to call home.

After overwhelming growth and success and having outgrown their current space, Grubbs Infiniti felt that Grapevine would be an ideal location — one that will offer them more room and allow them to be closer to the majority of their clients.

 “We build for growth,” says George Grubbs III, Hubert’s great-grandson and the Infiniti dealership’s co-owner and executive manager. “I looked at where the majority of my customers live, started looking for land and found the area in Grapevine.”

The new dealership, which is set to break ground before the end of 2013, will comprise of 75,000 square feet on 12 acres of land at State Highway 114 and Texas Trail, essentially doubling the current land and building sizes. It will also incorporate a unique design — something not typically done with car dealership facilities. Usually, a dealership has its cars placed in front of the building. Instead, the Grapevine Grubbs Infiniti building will be located in the middle of the property, with the cars surrounding it on all sides. This concept will not only offer great exposure of their elite fleet but will also continue to build on the exemplary service offered by the Grubbs name and the Infiniti brand.

“The building becomes like a lounge surrounded by all of the beautiful cars,” Grubbs says. “It’s a different approach to what you normally see. We view our cars as artwork, and we want to be surrounded by the artwork.”

Inside, the building will feature a fully catered café, and Grubbs describes the interior design as modern with a lot of glass and a lot of natural lighting. The building will use 100 percent LED lighting inside and outside and will be built to the LEED specs in order to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

“We’re so thrilled to get to move to a brand new building,” Grubbs adds. “Business has been so good, Infiniti keeps coming out with new models, and looking down the road, I have so much confidence in our brand. It makes sense for us to expand like this.”

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