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Grubbs High Performance Car and Cup

Ever since I was a boy I have been fascinated with speed.  Growing up, I had a go-cart and I was always working on ways to make it faster so I could beat the other kids with go-carts in the neighborhood.  Nothing beat racing down the street, trying to hug the corners and crossing the finish line as a winner.  Today, although I dont race go-carts anymore, everything I do is about speed.  Being able to take a spin in the amazing vehicles we have at Grubbs Infiniti and push the pedal down is one of the best perks of my job. 

Our performance experience at Grubbs Infiniti originated when the G35 first came out in 2004.  We had many clients trade other high performance vehicles for the G and were asking how to increase performance in their new vehicle.  We did all the research and helped develop certain products such as intakes, exhausts, and tuning.  In fact, we were the first to ever install a Supercharger in a G35 and we became known as the only Infiniti dealer who was performance friendly.  We then began developing more cosmetic products and even now we have the largest Infiniti dealer offering of performance parts on the web.

When Texas Motor Speedway opened here in Ft Worth, I was there for every race and always found a way to be in the pits so I could be in the middle of the action.  We even sponsored an Indy car a few times just to be a part of the team.  A few years ago I had the chance to own my own team and race in the Grand Am series which includes the 24-hour race at Daytona.  It never came together but I never lost the desire or the dream to have a winning race team.  

Infiniti is the team sponsor of the Red Bull Formula 1 team and when the Circuit of the Americas opened in Austin I made sure I was there.  I have never been so impressed with the technology and money that is behind F1.  I never thought I could love racing more, but after that experience, I found myself having an even deeper desire to be on the track.

Well, weve finally made that dream a reality and fulfilled that desire.  April 26th and 27th, our own Jeff Harrison got behind the wheel of an Indy Series Car sponsored by Grubbs Infiniti for World Speed Motorsports at the Barber Motorsport Park and took the checkered flag both days!  Pro Mazda is part of the IndyCar series and part of the “Road to Indy”.  You cant imagine the pride I felt in knowing that when that car came in first, the name Grubbs was emblazoned on the side for everyone to see.  Its the first victorious step in what I hope will be a bright and exciting new future for Grubbs and high-performance racing.

Now that Infiniti is truly getting into performance vehicles and the direction of the company is race inspired, I want to be on the forefront.  Grubbs Infiniti has always been a go to for performance parts and upgrades so it makes sense that we now have a division called Grubbs High Performance, or Grubbs HP.  With GHP I want to excite all the performance enthusiasts out there, whether Nissan/Infiniti fans or otherwise, to visit us at  As we continue to race in the Pro Mazda series, our plan is to add more cars and other series as we grow.  We also want to support our clients who race and are putting together a program around them as well.  I see Grubbs High Performance becoming a common racing brand with Infiniti and Red Bull in the next few years.

Not bad for a kid with a go-cart.  See you on the track.

George Grubbs III

Owner/Executive Manager