Grubbs Infiniti Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Grubbs Infiniti 25 Year Award

Twenty-five years is a big milestone for any company and for Grubbs Infiniti, it’s validation that they made the right decision all those years ago.  Grubbs Infiniti became one of the first 51 Infiniti dealerships in the United States and celebrated their 25th Anniversary on January 8th with a presentation from Infiniti.   

A True Original

In 1989, George Grubbs Jr. founded the first Infiniti dealership in Texas.  The Grubbs family knew that Infiniti would pioneer many enhanced driving assistance technologies and offer superior design and value for their premium vehicles.  Over the years, Grubbs Infiniti established one of the strongest brands in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and continued to expand on their family’s reputation for honesty, integrity and customer focused service.

Honoring a Legacy

On Thursday, January 8th, Grubbs Infiniti was honored as one of 23 original dealerships to achieve 25 years of service.  George Grubbs Junior was proud to have reached the milestone.  “Back 25 years ago, we had a hope and a dream of what this might become.  But now Infiniti has established itself as one of the top tier luxury brands.  We have so many customers that have had three, four, five Infiniti vehicles over that time and it’s really great to see it become what we had really hoped it would be. It’s a fulfillment of a dream.”  Eric Anderson, Regional Vice President of Infiniti West said, “The Grubbs family has done a great job representing the Infiniti brand.  We’re very centered on the customer experience and the Grubbs family has done a fantastic job taking care of our customers.” 

Moving to Grapevine

The next 25 years will bring about big changes for the Grubbs Family as they open the world’s largest Infiniti dealership in the world in Grapevine early 2015.  The new luxury facility will offer a Customer Cafe with catered snacks, lunches and desserts made fresh everyday plus a VIP Lounge with free WIFI and Starbucks Coffee.  George Grubbs III is excited to show off the new showroom and facility.  “The new Grubbs Infiniti will redefine what customers will expect from a premium experience. Prepare to be pampered.”