Grubbs Infiniti is Proud to Support Habitat for Humanity

George and Habitat for Humanity

At Grubbs Infiniti, we believe that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live.  That’s why we’re proud to support organizations like Habitat for Humanity.  Recently, we donated our third truck to Habitat’s Restore Resale Outlet location, helping them to move and distribute all the many home improvement goods, furniture, building materials and appliances that help build and renovate more homes and communities in North Texas.  Self-sustaining programs like this are vital to help continue to improve our neighborhoods and to help the many families that call this area home.

And, while we’re always happy to give to non-profits in our community, perhaps the greatest achievement is what they’ve done for us at Grubbs Infiniti… by encouraging us all to get involved and make a change.