Grubbs Infiniti reveals new luxury hybrid and Green initiative

Grubbs Infiniti proudly introduces the new Infiniti M High Performance Hybrid and reveals their own initiative to reduce waste and create a more “green” car dealership.

Owner George Grubbs is excited about the Infiniti M Hybrid and what it means for the future of Grubbs Infiniti. “We see ‘green issues’ as a critical part of our plans and activities. The main aim of our sustainability actions is to both minimize our impact on the environment and provide technology solutions- thus having an overall positive impact as a company. The new M Hybrid takes it all to a whole new level” said Grubbs.

Displaying an unrivaled combination of luxury, technology and performance, the new Infiniti M High Performance Hybrid sets a new standard for greener technology.

Now available at Grubbs Infiniti, the Infiniti M Hybrid provides the kind of superior ride that environmentally conscious drivers have been waiting for. The Infiniti M Hybrid delivers 360 hp and 32 mpg highway, dispelling the idea that going green means sacrificing exhilaration.

Owner George Grubbs believes the timing is perfect for this new vehicle. “The new Infiniti M surrounds you with some of the most advanced features ever found in a car, including the world’s first Blind Spot intervention system. It’s amazingly quiet and has all the bells and whistles you want from an Infiniti. Combine that with hybrid technology that delivers 29% more power with less fuel consumption and you have a greener vehicle that is perfect for our luxury customers.”

The new hybrid technology mirrors the new greener initiative in motion at Grubbs Infiniti.

The family owned and operated dealership has been working diligently to minimize their impact on the environment. George Grubbs believes that “green issues” are a critical part of their plans for the future. The dealership limits the use of bottled water and moved to a filtration system, a change that eliminated more than 40,000 water bottles in a single year. Grubbs has also invested in energy-efficient equipment and lighting, installed recycling units and encourages paperless transactions whenever possible. They have also enrolled in the EPA’s Energy Star Partnership to develop an energy management plan to reduce energy use by 10%.

“All these sustainability issues are big things we’re working on in our company. I want my children to be proud of the changes we’ve made to impact their future” said Grubbs.

Grubbs Infiniti invites their customers to visit Grubbs Infiniti to see the changes they’ve made or to take a test drive in the new Infiniti M Hybrid.

Grubbs Infiniti has long been committed to Going Green. In fact, the company has been moving in a greener direction for years. To date, Grubbs Infiniti has instituted the following changes:

  • Moved from bottled water to filtered water system. This change eliminated more than 40,000 water bottles a year from their waste
  • Added a recycling dumpster and installed recycling bins throughout the dealership
  • Educated the Grubbs Infiniti staff on recycling to include what can and can’t be recycled and worked with maintenance crew to separate trash properly
  • No longer use Styrofoam cups and provide mugs to all staff
  • Installed timers on shop fans, heaters and lights
  • Purchased energy-efficient printers and computers
  • Installed light sensors on low use rooms
  • Replaced interior lights with energy-efficient units and bulbs
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Reduced paper usage by implementing online bill payment and emails whenever possible
  • Enrolled in the EPA’s Energy Star Partnership to develop an energy management plan to reduce energy use by 10%

Says Grubbs, “We are committed to finding new ways of reducing our impact on the planet. Granted, making these changes impacted our bottom line. In fact, the whole process can be time consuming and expensive. But over time, I’m confident we’ll see a return on this initiative… both financially and environmentally.”

For more information about Grubbs Infiniti, the Going Green Initiative or the new Infiniti M High Performance Hybrid, please contact George Grubbs at Grubbs Infiniti at 817-318-1200.