Grubbs Infiniti Snapshot: The Service Department

I’m a big believer that if you’re going to sell something, you had better know exactly what you’ve got. Growing up, I spent a lot of time under the hood and underneath a lot of vehicles. In fact, I spent most of my early career in Service and Parts, so I’ve got a good working knowledge about what happens inside an engine. Now, today’s cars are miracles of engineering and technology, especially the Infiniti’s we sell here at Grubbs. It takes true experts to keep these babies in perfect working order. I still love to go over to our service bays and watch our ASE Certified Technicians work and watch how they go over every single inch of a vehicle. Our service areas are clean, air-conditioned and at any point, our customers can take the same stroll and watch them at work.

Some of our customers have pointed out the new IPads that the technicians use when they pull up at Grubbs Infiniti.

Now, I have to admit: I love new gadgets and new technology. It’s my thing. So, it just made a ton of sense to outfit our personnel with the latest and greatest to make the entire process as smooth as possible. I also know that our customers are probably using the same technology while they wait. So, with that same dedication to the VIP experience, our lounges feature charge stations for your phones, Free WiFi and high definition flat screens to catch up on the news or games. We also have plush leather seating and free Starbucks coffee because we’re not barbarians…c’mon.

So, while you won’t find me under a G37 or changing the oil on a QX56, I will be around making sure that your visit to Grubbs Infiniti is the best experience you’ve had all week.

Enjoy that Starbucks coffee.

George Grubbs III