How to Inspect Your Car…Drivers Ed 101

My son just completed Drivers Education, which now makes him an expert on all things “driving” related! Recently, he asked if I understood that I should inspect my car every time I filled up with gas. That got me to thinking…I don’t. I normally just clean the trash out that everyone has left in the car. So, I thought I would share how we should care for our vehicles so they will continue to be our faithful “steel steeds”.

According to my son, you are supposed to check your windshield wiper fluid and blades. Check the air pressure of your tires – any low pressure can be taken care of immediately at the air pump on property. In addition, check the oil pressure. Look for any vandalism that might have occurred (I assume you should report this to your insurance company upon finding any such problems). You should wash all your windows and check all of your lights (headlights, brake lights and signals).

Maybe doing all of these things will keep your mind off of the fact that the amount of gasoline being pumped into your tank is getting more and more expensive as it fills. Happy Inspecting!


Source: My 15 year old son…