Infiniti’s Lane Departure System

Infiniti's Lane Departure System

As the Owner/General Manager of Grubbs Infiniti, it gives me a lot of pride to see our friends and neighbors drive off in one of our amazing vehicles like the Q50, the QX80 or the QX60. Not only do they look good, but they do good things for you on the road.

I’m talking about Infiniti’s Lane Departure Prevention System and it’s making the automotive world sit up and take notice. This technology is truly an industry first as it senses unintended lane drift and automatically helps you return your Infiniti to the center of the traveling lane.

Think about that. We all want to be safe drivers and be aware of everything that’s happening on the road around us. But, ask any parent who’s had a juice cup tossed by a toddler that lands around your feet… sometimes you look away, even if it’s a second or two. And, in that moment, it’s easier than you think to drift outside the lines. With the Infiniti Lane Departure Prevention system, that moment can be corrected with a warning or even braking by your car. This is from a company committed to you and your family’s safety.

Infiniti’s Lane Departure Prevention System uses a camera to monitor the distance between the vehicle and the lane markings. If the vehicle drifts, the system signals a warning and can even selectively apply the brakes to help keep your vehicle in its lane.

That means that if your eyes stray to look for that errant juice cup or other little distractions, you’ve basically got your vehicle’s “eyes” keeping an eye on you and your family. Combine that with our Predictive Forward Collision Warning and Direct Adaptive Steering…well, the road is a lot safer when you’re behind the wheel of an Infiniti from Grubbs Infiniti.

Just beware those juice cups.