Introducing Drive2Give

Drive2Give LogoI’ll let you in on one of my secrets: I’m a sucker for Girl Scout cookies. I mean it. If I see Girl Scouts camped outside a grocery store or if they visit the dealership, I absolutely have to buy a few boxes. For one thing, they’re delicious. The other and more important reason is because I believe in giving back to our community and supporting great organizations like that. It’s one of the reasons why I created the Drive2Give program from Grubbs Infiniti.

As the Owner/General Manager of a successful business, it’s my responsibility to give back to the great people that live and work here in Dallas/Ft Worth area. Sure, it would be easy to cut back or not donate to charities… but it’s not how my family operates. In fact, I was taught, “You get what you give.” But, as a business owner, I also have a responsibility to my employees to ensure that Grubbs Infiniti continues to grow by bringing people to our doors and putting them in the driver’s seat of our vehicles.

I think I can do both with Drive2Give.

It’s a simple concept. A school, church, civic or charitable organization needs to raise funds. And, at Grubbs Infiniti, we want people to test-drive our vehicles. So, we bring our top-of-the-line models, like the G Sedan, the G Coupe, the M, JX35 or the QX56 to that organization’s place of business or designated site. And, for every person who takes a test drive, Grubbs Infiniti makes a donation to their charity or organization. It’s a win/win situation for both of us. People discover our award winning customer service and amazing vehicles in a convenient and fun way. In turn, we’re able to give back to great organizations who are making a difference for the families in this community.

Feel free to contact me about the Grubbs Infiniti Drive2Give program. Just promise me you won’t bring any Girl Scout cookies.

George Grubbs III