Is Your Student’s Car Ready for the Trip to College?

With many students headed off to college this month, it would be a good idea to make sure that their automobiles are ready to go as well. A good means of transportation is important. One way to ensure that your college student is prepared is to help them check their vehicle’s maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your student traveling safely.

Make sure he/she understands the basic workings of their vehicle, such as how to check for the proper oil level and low tire pressure. In addition, basic maintenance like having regular oil changes, tire rotations, and proper levels of other fluids (brake, transmission, power steering, and coolant) should be reviewed. They should also review the owner’s manual to make sure they are following the recommended maintenance schedule.

In addition to all of the regular maintenance of a vehicle, it is good to get to know the sounds of your car as well as paying attention to the dash board warning lights. Know how your car normally sounds. Listen for squealing or grinding sounds related to braking. Watch for rises in oil pressure based on that particular dash board gauge.

While at the pump, make sure that the proper grade of gasoline is utilized in order to gain the best performance while in operation.  A couple of tips: avoid filling up in the heat of the day or when tankers are filling up the pumps.

Once or twice a month check your brake lights, signals and headlights to make sure they are in proper working order. Of course, yearly inspections and registration should be kept up to date.

Following all of these tips should keep your student traveling safely – especially when coming home for holidays!