JX Preview Night Recap

Like any proud parent, I’m convinced that my children are the brightest, the best-looking and most wonderful kids in the world.  I have a pretty similar outlook when it comes to Infiniti’s amazing lineup of luxury vehicles.  I think they’re some of the sharpest, most well designed cars on the road today.  So when I got my first look at the new 2013 Infiniti JX, I felt like a proud father as I studied it’s sophisticated interior, the impressive styling and all the gadgets that would make any tech lover’s head spin.  I started thinking about how many people you could fit inside and how much storage it offered.  This is the kind of  vehicle that makes you sit up and pay attention.  Your neighbors will want to come watch a movie on the rear-seat DVD system or chill with the three zone climate control.  And, trust me, you’ll be right there, smiling, showing it to the world.  Well, it looks like I won’t be the only person dying to show off Infiniti’s newest offspring.  When we gave our customers a preview on Tuesday night, the reviews were great.

Rob and Lori Bosso said, “The JX offers all the room we want.  The value of it for the size is outstanding.  To get a seven passenger, you would normally spend a lot more.”

Gus dropped by from Colleyville and said, “They’ve done an excellent job with the design and engineering.  It’s really impressive and a departure on regular SUV lines.  It’s going to be very successful in the luxury car market.  I’m a tall guy and I need more room than most people and the JX accommodates me.”

Barry from Ft Worth put it simply and said, “It’s a good looking car, just like the rest of the Infiniti line.”

Barry, I couldn’t agree more.   I can’t wait for everyone to meet the new kid in early April.