Planning That Last Minute Summer Trip

At Grubbs Infiniti we believe in making your driving experience as enjoyable as it can be and from time to time offer driving tips to help you get the most out of being an Infiniti owner.  In our most recent blog we focus on preparing yourself (and your vehicle) for that last minute trip to the beach (or the in-laws).

Planning That Last Minute Summer Trip

Okay, so you’ve found yourself in the enviable position of having a surprise vacation before you. With it, however, comes the sometimes unenviable task of planning it. But it doesn’t have to be a double-edged sword. Read on for some helpful summer trip tips to keep your sanity as you attempt to relax.

Trip Tip #1: Determining the destination.
Obviously, it’s helpful to know where you’re going before you leave the house. Perhaps you’re the type that wings it, heading out wherever whim takes you. If so, stop here, grab your keys and get going. If your eyes are still reading along then get yourself a road map, a notepad and make a realistic list of places you’d like to go, sights you’d like to see. No sense planning a trip from Maine to California when all you have is a long weekend.

Trip Tip #2: Doing the math. Once you’ve found your destination get a calculator to figure out total mileage—or better still, cheat by using a mileage calculator easily found online. This step also provides you with an estimate of the final fuel bill (total mileage ÷ your vehicles MPG rating x price per gallon = $$$). Be sure to take the opportunity to calculate for your own fuel consumption as well. Enough stops for a roadside burger can add up as well.

And unless you’re planning on sleeping in your ride or pitching a tent, best plan on booking a hotel. This has the added benefit of giving you a very real sense of your daily progress. Lagging a bit, then you can scratch sight X from your agenda so you can get enough ZZZ’s for the next day’s journey.

Trip Tip #3: Prepping your vehicle.
While you’re taking a much needed break, your vehicle will be working overtime. During regular use, a vehicle can suffer wear and tear that you might not always notice. Make an appointment with Grubbs Infiniti before you hit the road for an overall inspection and a tune-up. It’s one less thing you need to worry about while out on the road.

Trip Tip #4: Games and musical chairs.
Don’t leave home without the ABBA or whatever else floats your boat. Get some of those silly car games you played as a kid and pull them out of your back pocket when things veer into the dull and dreary. There’s nothing like a good laugh to brighten up the trip. It’s highly recommended to change drivers regularly. No one is brave who fights to stay awake when a simple word will get you a spot in the backseat to nap.

Always drive defensively and have a wonderful vacation!