Preparing Your Vehicle For A Long Trip

Summer is coming to an end, fall is almost upon us and the Holiday Season is just around the corner. A lot of us will be driving this year, whether it’s to have turkey at moms or to spend Christmas at home, is your vehicle ready for the trip? We get asked this question a lot and thought we would tackle the issue right here and right now. First, we should point out that longer road trips are actually easier on your vehicle that the day to day grind, but a breakdown far away from home can be a real downer, so here are some tips to get you started.

A Month Before Your Go

Check Your Spare Tire

A flat tire while traveling is bad enough so make sure you check the air in your tire, as well as checking to make sure that you have both your jack and lug wrench on with you.

Get Any Maintenance Done

If you’ve been putting off that repair, now is the time to get it done so that if any related service issues arise you still have plenty of time to fix it before the trip.

Check The Glovebox

Make sure that you have your owners manual and registration.

Check The First Aid Kit

Don’t have one? You should, you never know when an emergency may come up.

Week Before

Check Coolant

If your destination is a lot warmer or cooler than home, check (or have your mechanic check) the coolant’s mixture of antifreeze and water to make sure the car is properly protected. If the coolant needs to be changed, do it (or have it done) now.

Get An Oil Change & Check Your Air Filter

If you will require an oil change while on your trip then its best to get it done BEFORE you leave. Same goes for your air filter, a clogged air filter can reduce fuel economy.

Buy A Road Atlas

Yes, you may have a GPS but when you need one and you have it, a road atlas can be a real life saver.

Check The Tire Pressure & Tread

Proper inflation can save on gas and prevent blowouts, always check the recommended tire pressure before putting air in your tires. Also, check the tread on your tire, if it’s bad then get new tires before you leave for your trip. Also, check for uneven wear, you may need an alignment.

The Day Before You leave

Fill Up The Tank

Don’t do this the day of an have to rush, especially if you are leaving in the early morning and can’t find a gas station that is open.

Pack Evenly

If you’re carrying lots of heavy objects, position them forward in the trunk and distribute the weight evenly side to side. Cars don’t have unlimited carrying capacity, so don’t overload.

Do You Have Everything?

Make sure that you have everything you need, check and double check, that way in the morning or the day of your trip you aren’t running around trying to get everything in order.

What can you add to this list?