Summer Is Coming to a Close – What to do, What to do ?

With summer coming to an end very shortly, what should one do to entertain the family? How about an end of summer staycation? Why a staycation, you say? Maybe the simple economics surrounding gas prices will answer that question.

Webster defines a vacation as a period of time spent away from home or business in travel or recreation. So to alter the word by adding “stay” doesn’t make much sense. Unless you look at the definition of the word stay, which is described as, to stop doing something. Now it makes perfect sense! You just stay at home and stop doing the activities you normally do. Right? Well, not exactly. You just do different things, which are closer to your home, while not spending as much money needed when traveling far away.

So, we have found some really great references for families to plan that end of summer staycation before the hectic life of the school year begins. Visit any of these locations to find great ideas for the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas:

  • Fort Worth –
  • Arlington –
  • Dallas –
  • East Dallas (Between Mesquite & Canton)  –