Texas Independence Day 2014

texas_flag Grubbs

On March 2nd, we celebrate Texas independence Day.  In 1836, 59 people signed the Declaration that declared we would be free and independent of Mexico.  Texas Independence Day is a good reminder to give thanks for this great state.  I’m proud to be a Texan.  We’re a little different and that’s a good thing.  Being a Texan means you understand that summer lasts for about 3 seasons and air-conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  But it’s not just about the weather, it’s about the people.  It’s not usual for two strangers to bump into each other and you both say, “excuse me”. Texas is a friendly state and here at Grubbs Infiniti, we like to believe we take that friendliness to a new level.

We created a whole program designed to make life a whole lot easier for the friends and families we serve here in North Texas.  We call it Valet Plus and it’s a pretty amazing concept.  Basically, we bring Grubbs Infiniti right to your home or office.  Want to test drive the new Q50 or the Q70?  We’ll bring one to your office.  It’s a great way to experience all their safety features.  Both the Q50 and the Q70 have been awarded a 5-Star overall safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the agency’s New Car Assessment Program.   Want to spend a few days trying out the QX80 and see how much you can fit in the back?  We’ll bring it to your home for a free 24 hour test drive.  Can’t figure out if you want a Q60 Convertible in black or red?  We’ll bring each one to you and let you figure out which one fits you the best.  We won’t take it personally if you don’t visit us at Grubbs Infiniti.  We get it.  You’ve got a lot to do and as friendly Texans, we believe that neighbors help neighbors.  So let us come to you.  Ask us about Valet Plus and let us bring the best that Infiniti has to offer to your home or office.

And, don’t forget to celebrate Texas Independence Day on March 2nd.  If you own a Texas flag, fly it with pride and give thanks for all the many reasons it’s good to live in the Lone Star State!  Here at Grubbs Infiniti, we’re proud to call it home.

-George Grubbs III

Owner / Executive Manager