The Arrival of Autumn

Grubbs Infiniti Autumn

Just about everyone gets excited when Autumn arrives.  The weather finally starts to cool and the leaves show off their new colors.  You can give the AC a break at night by opening the windows to enjoy a nice breeze.  And, doesn’t your heart warm when you realize it’s time to pick pumpkins for decorations or to bake a pie? 

This is the time of year to pull out some of your favorite sweaters and download the newest bestseller for a leisurely read.  Friday night football games are in full swing and you wake up in the mornings to hear the marching bands practicing for half-time shows.  Friends linger a little longer and find more reasons to get together. 

As a friendly reminder, don’t forget to “fall back” on Sunday, November 1st and set your clocks back one hour.  Personally, I always struggle with the time change and it takes about a week for my brain to make sense of the different schedule.  Thankfully, I’m an early riser and do my best to enjoy the extra quiet in the mornings with a cup of coffee enjoying amazing North Texas sunrise. 

Keep in mind that Grubbs Infiniti is open and ready to serve your needs with hours that make sense for you and your busy life.  In fact, our entire dealership is here to provide an amazingly comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable experience.  When we were designing our new facility here in Grapevine, we wanted to provide places where our customers could go to catch up on work or just settle down on a couch and watch some TV.  There’s wonderful art on every wall that invites you to stroll through our dealership.  Our customer cafe is catered with fresh fruit, snacks and gourmet coffee so that your needs are well and truly met.  It’s an honor to serve this community and a pleasure to be the #1 Choice for North Texas for affordable luxury.

Enjoy the Fall season and don’t forget the time change!   We hope to see you soon at Grubbs Infiniti.   

George GrubbsIII

Owner / General Manager