There’s Always Room

Grubbs Infiniti Interior QX60

When my daughter invites her friends to come over I know that we’re in for it.  Teenagers travel in packs and they have a tendency to eat you out of house and home.  Thankfully, my wife is a master at these sorts of things and somehow manages to keep them fed and entertained for the evening.  Then, it’s my turn to load them up and shuttle them back to their homes.  The QX60 is my choice in these moments because there’s always room for the girls, their bags, pillows, sneakers and whatever else they pack.  In fact, one of them got in and said, “Man, there’s a ton of room in here.” 


The QX60 has room for seven with lots of leg room for everyone.  Plus, it has a unique 2nd-row sliding and tilting seat to provide access to the 3rd-row — even when a child seat is installed.  And if you’re planning on doing some serious hauling, the folding 2nd and 3rd row bench seats can arrange for any combination of up to seven passengers and cargo. With the 2nd and 3rd rows folded, the QX60 provides a virtually flat surface large enough to accommodate whatever your journey requires. Anything it takes to fill a weekend. Or a crowd of teenagers.

Add to that dual 7-inch screens where the family can play their own movies or games while I crank whatever I want to enjoy on the sweet front seat Bose® Cabin Surround®.

To be fair, when they want to see/hear “Frozen” for the 900th time, I’ll do my best to hum “Let It Go” with the best of them.

Trust me, if you’re traveling with a crowd, there’s room for all in the QX60 from Grubbs Infiniti.

George Grubbs III

Owner / General Manager