Valet Plus: Because Great Just Isn’t Enough

Valet Plus Logo, Hand with Tray and Car, 24 Hour Test DriveThere was a line from an action movie that went, “Give me a minute, I’m good. Give me an hour, I’m great.  Give me six weeks, I’m unbeatable”.

Well, at Grubbs Infiniti, we don’t need 6 weeks.  We just need 24 Hours.

About a year ago, we unveiled an innovative new concept called, “Valet Plus“.  Basically, we’ll deliver any of our amazing Infiniti vehicles right to your home or office for a test drive.  When you’re done, just throw us the keys.  With Valet Plus, you won’t spend any of your precious time driving or waiting to experience all the bells and whistles that come with an Infiniti.

Granted, spending minutes or even an hour in a new Infiniti is a great experience.

Take the M37, designed to provide unbelievable power with the exclusive VVEL technology that continually tunes valve lift and timing to give quicker engine response and a broader torque curve.

Or, the world’s first Blind Spot Intervention System that helps alert you to vehicles in the blind spot area, then actively assists you back toward the center of your travel lane if you begin to move over.

Spend just a few minutes in the M37 and you’ll soon understand why so many car and driver reports are calling the M37 a “technological tour de force

But, at Grubbs Infiniti, we wanted to do more.  Owner/General Manager George Grubbs III explains.  “We wanted to give our customers an unbeatable experience.  That’s why Valet Plus now includes a 24 Hour Test Drive.  Keep it overnight and drive it to work.  Take a spin around the metroplex and truly get a feel for what these vehicles can do.  Then, we’ll pick it up the next day and answer any questions you might have.  Sure, it’s more than most dealerships are willing to do.  At Grubbs Infiniti, we’re stepping up and making it even easier for you to enjoy all that Infiniti has to offer.  We’re confident it’s the right thing to do.”

Valet Plus is just one of the many changes that Grubbs Infiniti has implemented in order to meet the growing needs of their customers..

Grubbs Infiniti is working everyday to build more than just a great experience.  Give us 24 hours and we’ll make it unbeatable.

Find out more about the 24 Hour Test Drive, part of the “Valet Plus” experience at Grubbs Infiniti.