Winning: The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid S

Q50 Hybrid S

Everybody likes to win awards.  I know my Mom saved all the little certificates and trophies that my sister and I collected over the years.  And, my wife has box after box of mementos of achievement from my son and daughter.  When the family comes over, the kids love to tell them about the latest and greatest.  Of course we tell them that it’s not about winning awards and that doing your best is truly what’s important.  

But, it’s still pretty great to win.

That’s why I made sure my team saw that CNet awarded the Editors Choice to the new Q50S Hybrid and named it one of the “Best Tech Cars of 2014”.  They were pleased to hear it, but not surprised.  Here at Grubbs Infiniti, we’ve been watching Infiniti truly pull ahead of the competition with this hybrid technology.  And, according to the review, everything seamlessly worked to make it an exceptional driving experience.  

“The 2014 Infiniti Q50S Hybrid drive-by-wire steering and corner braking made handling such a blast in the turns that I spent most of my time hammering it along back roads, ignoring any attempt by the car to make me an eco-conscious driver.  Even with my pedal stomping, hard-braking behavior, I still managed to pull an average of 28.4 mpg, just over the city EPA number of 28 mpg. A less enthusiastic driver would likely see an average in the low 30s, as the highway fuel economy for the new Q50S Hybrid hits 34 mpg.  Those are good numbers for any premium sedan, and exceptional for something that handles as well as the Q50S Hybrid. This sedan represents an important step forward for Infiniti.”

You can read the entire article here:

Of course, Infiniti is always working to improve the performance and safety of our vehicles and the industry continues to deliver more awards. The 2014 Infiniti Q50 has been awarded a 5-Star overall safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the agency’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).[*] The ratings system is designed to provide consumers with information about crash protection and rollover safety.  Five stars is the highest possible rating.  

As the Owner/General Manager of Grubbs Infiniti, I often find myself feeling like a proud parent when I see the awards and accolades that Infiniti continues to garner with the exceptional line up of vehicles like the Q50, Q70, QX50, QX60 and QX70.  We are doing our very best for our customers and the glowing reviews we receive from the North Texas community about the cars and the service they receive from our team keep us going.  

But it’s still pretty great to win.

George Grubbs III