What Do Yo Think Of The Infiniti FX Dallas?

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Reviews From People Like You

I was thorn between getting a MB-GLK, Acura MDX, a Honda Pilot, and an FX35. I did my research and some test driving,and the FX35 came tops. I was almost discouraged by a consumer review on the FX that mentioned something about the transmission of the 7 speed models not having power when you need it and some noise that sounds like a car hits you from behind.In fairness to this review,sometimes in “within city” stop and go traffic,you get some slight lags before a thrust, but I do not consider this a problem. As an owner of other Japanese imports, I know this is a common occurrence.I have had my 2011 FX for a month and the only sound I hear when driving is the beautiful sound of the FX engine which is dulled by the very quiet cabin.
More so,the FX comes standard with a lot of options which are extras on other vehicles in it’s class.The NAV system in the FX, updates itself in comparison with some that needs occasional updating. The blind spots are not as bad as described and the interior is surprisingly roomier than you would envisage. The dash is a beauty to behold at night.
As for the way the FX drives, that I cannot explain with words.You need to test drive one to experience it. And it’s got the wow factor to it’s design.” By JT
I’ve always liked the Fx for its concept look, and decided to get one this fall. I couldn’t be happier. The look is polarizing, but I can’t take my eyes off of it–!– and have been complimented regularly since getting it. I love the flared front wheel wells and overall aggressive look. Very quick, feels like its on rails handling curves. Beautiful interior– embroidered seats, large, bright nav screen, easy- to-use interface make driving a joy. If you want a unique vehicle that beautifully blends a sports car with an SUV, this is your ride. There are RXs, MDXs, and X3s everywhere, but this is still only occasionally seen on the road…I love that in particular.” By Andy McG
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