What is Valet Plus?

Grubbs Infiniti will bring the test drive to your home or office. We call it Valet Plus:

You’ll call it the most convenient and innovative way to experience all the best that Infiniti has to offer! Got a few minutes on your lunch break? Let us bring a vehicle to your office and show you how well it handles even on those tight corners. Or, we could bring one to your home so you can show it off for your neighbors. Seriously. We’re perfectly fine if you never step foot in the dealership. Don’t get us wrong… we would love to see you. But, we would rather you experience these luxury cars without spending a single moment of your precious time waiting in traffic. Give us a call at 888-447-8227 to get one of these awesome vehicles brought right to your home or office.

We also will pick up and drop off your vehicle for service needs.

Valet Plus from Grubbs Infiniti. Now that’s a step in the right direction..

Get your vehicle delivered today at Grubbs Infiniti