Challenges and the QX Sport Inspiration

Inspired by Infiniti’s acclaimed “Powerful Elegance” design philosophy – characterized by flowing sculptural lines and strong, muscular proportions – the QX Sport Inspiration lays down markers for the brand’s vision of a next-generation, mid-size premium SUV. Featuring the brand’s signature design cues and an array of innovative details, the concept boasts a powerful, purposeful exterior with an elegance that is uniquely Infiniti.

Somebody recently asked me, “What inspires you?”.  The simple answer is a challenge.  I love facing a challenge and finding a solution. I love seeing others succeed at something great and if there’s an extreme angle to it… I love it even more.  It’s one of the biggest reasons I can’t wait to see the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration, the latest interpretation of “Powerful Elegance” Design from Infiniti.

The QX Sport made it’s premiere at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show and it’s already got a huge buzz around it.  You can read all about it here (link to article). 

But I want to talk about the challenge that inspired Infiniti to design this vehicle.  How do you make a vehicle stand out in an already crowded and popular market segment:  the SUV.  How do you offer a new vision, bring something new and exciting to the mid-sized SUV market?

The answer is the QX Sport Inspiration.  It’s sleek, it’s powerful and it stands out from the crowd.  Just seeing the pictures made me want to get behind the wheel and really punch it.  To be fair, I like hitting the gas in any Infiniti… they are, after all, designed to give you the ride of your life.  But the QX Sport Inspiration will give us something new.  A vehicle that is both beautiful and useful, sophisticated and simple, a perfect blend of form and function.  In short, a real Inspiration.  Can’t wait to show it to you. 

See you on the road.

George Grubbs III

Grubbs Infiniti