Infiniti’s 2012 M35h – Fastest Accelerating Hybrid

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Recently taken on drag strip in England, Infiniti’s 2012 M35h recorder a quarter-mile run in only 13.9 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating full hybrid. We love big, fast, luxurious and beautiful sedans, but with it’s fuel economy, now this is a hybrid that we can get behind.

The exterior of the car boasts a strong, muscular and performance inspired look finished off with 18-inch wheels that give the car a clean and that gives the car a tasteful appearance. On the inside we find attractive, high-quality materials and layout that really rivals that of even European luxury cars. The cabin is really an oasis with elegant seats and door trim design inside of a spacious area that even offers ample headroom for backseat passengers. One downside in terms of storage is the M35h has 11.3 cubic feet Of course, as in most hybrid sedans, the battery pack sits behind the rear seats, compromising that trunk space as well as not allowing for a fold-down seat option. The technology inside is state-of-the-art with available entertainment, comfort and safety technologies, furthermore, the navigation system as well as the audio system are practical

The 2012 M35h, as is a hybrid gasoline-electric variant that as expected from its name, is fitted with a 3.5-liter V6. The all-aluminum four-valve motor has 302 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. But what makes it a hybrid of course is that in between the engine and the transmission there is a 50 kW, 67 horsepower electric motor with 199 pound-feet of torque. Combined the car has a net horsepower of 360, which is pretty good for a Hybrid, further 0-60 mph comes in at 5.9 which is faster than many cars it compares to.

Driving the car was a complete charm. The M35h moves pretty fast, especially when you nail the gas pedal. It is an unexpected surprise coming from a big car with only a six-cylinder under the hood, but the Hybrid system actually assists and enhances the power much like a turbocharger would making for quick acceleration. The car also comes with different drive modes that offer different driving experiences. For example, in “normal” the car moves at a good pace but when placed in “sport” the car becomes really potent and you lose sight or rather forget that it a hybrid. Of course, if you really want to be really conscious of your environmental input, there is also the “Eco” mode, but trying to keep the car solely on EV mode can be tough even for those who try hard, as accelerating the car usually takes some power from the V-6. Also the car is happy to warn you of that, for when you accelerate hard as the “eco” light in the instrument panel goes from green to amber. Fuel economy is 27 mpg in city and 32 for highway, the combined results for fuel economy for the car comes in at 29 mpg, that is just 1-mpg less than a Ford Focus to put things into perspective.

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