March Madness and the Infiniti JX

If you are a College Basketball fan, like we are here at Grubbs Infiniti, you will have noticed by now that Infiniti is one of the main sponsors of the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament – affectionately known as “March Madness”.

During the 2012 NCAA Basketball tournament you will see several ads featuring the all new, seven passenger, Infiniti JX.
Infiniti has been a sponsor of the NCAA Basketball tournament for several years now and we at Grubbs Infiniti are excited each year when March Madness rolls around.

If you  miss the new Infiniti JX commercials while you are getting a snack (or forwarding through the commercials) we have pulled together the spots you will be seeing over the next few weeks during March Madness:

Infiniti JX – We Choose:
Infiniti JX – Doghouse:
Infiniti JX – See the Invisible:
Infiniti JX – Interior:

Here are a few articles that provide some additional detail about Infiniti’s sponsorship of March Madness:

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We hope your March Madness bracket does well and if you have any questions or want to schedule a test drive of the Infiniti JX give us a call.