The car that knows who you are

To take its volume-leading model deeper into the world of personalization, Infiniti has given the new Q50 sedan the ability to greet a driver by name when he or she starts the car.

The car can differentiate among four drivers to greet each one by name, with a welcome appearing on the vehicle display screen.

The greeting technology is cued by a smart i-Key, which also automatically brings up the driver’s preferred settings in music selections, steering choices, climate preferences, safety features and seat positions.

The system also is designed to bring up selected Android and iPhone apps, differing by driver.

But that feature will become activated later this year, says Jonathan Tarlton, Infinti senior planner for connected services.

The Q50 officially goes on sale today, Aug. 5, replacing the Infiniti G37 sedan, which has long been the brand’s biggest seller. The Q50 will start at $37,605, including shipping.

Owners can choose among a list of avatar icons to appear with their names, uploading as many as 16 personal photos for display, and can switch among different identities with different drive settings, if they wish.

Engineers also have given Q50 owners the freedom to choose their own steering feel. The car’s steer-by-wire technology allows a driver to scroll through different steering ratios to select the degree of tautness he wants in handling, depending on changing road conditions.


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