What’s In a Name






What’s in a name? Considering the attention we’re receiving here at Grubbs Infiniti following the announcement that Infiniti will be changing all model names to “Q”, well, it would seem quite a bit. Basically, each of our cars will be called “Q” followed by a two-digit number, while our SUV’s will be “QX” backed by a two-digit number. It’s a big change for 2014, but I think it will mean great things for our company and our customers.

We have been an Infiniti dealer since thebeginning and I’ve always been excited about the new ideas Infiniti brings to the table.  They’re dedicated to growth and improvement and we like to mirror their efforts here at Grubbs Infiniti. We’ve had unbelievable moments in our history with the launch of revolutionary vehicles like the Q45 and the G Sedan.

Car and Driver Magazine wrote, “The Q45‘s reputation is sterling. In that car was proof that Infiniti could compete with the finest sports sedans.” I completely agree. And, now we get to be a part of the next chapter of Infiniti with the launch of the Q50.  At Grubbs Infiniti, we have seen the future of Infiniti and we are very excited about the direction and the products coming to our customers.

Now that Infiniti has a global presence there is even more emphasis on a quality product.  This is the reason for the name change and it sets us up for growth in brand recognition and sales. Nissan/Infiniti has always been ahead of the technology curve and will continue to do so with new engine/power-train options and focus on fuel economy. But, we will also stay true to the performance roots that elevated this company to such a well-respected automotive maker. As with all changes, there’s a period of adjustment as our customers get used to the new names.

William Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Trust me, your Infiniti will still be a sweet ride, no matter what the name.