Infiniti-Renault Sport Formula One Team

DOCKLANDS, Australia – The Renault Sport Formula One Team debuted its distinctive yellow-gold and black colors in an event hosted in Docklands, Melbourne, in a highly unique way. The R.S.16 was first seen by the guests as it literally surfed the waves at Boat Harbor Park beach just outside Sydney.

Renault Sport Formula One Team drivers Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer, plus Australian pro surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey, undertook the shoot on Monday before the Australian Grand Prix. The car – a showcar for those concerned about whether it will dry out in time for Sunday’s race – was fixed to the 7.5m long board using bespoke harnesses. It was then towed out into the Pacific Ocean where it was unleashed to catch its first-ever waves.

Renault Sport Formula One Team within the Renault-Nissan Alliance in 2016

One of the core strengths of the Renault-Nissan Alliance is its capacity to create powerful industrial synergies in multiple areas such as R&D and production. From 2016 onwards, that approach will be mirrored in motorsport activities, with Alliance premium brand Infiniti joining Renault Sport Formula One Team as an active technical partner.

Infiniti enjoyed five years of successful sponsorship with Red Bull Racing, which was initiated through the Alliance partnership with the Anglo-Austrian team. Infiniti significantly increased its brand awareness over this period. With all targets met, Infiniti decided the time was right to take a step forward in the sport on a technical level.

Infiniti will use its expertise in hybrid technology and make a genuine contribution to the R.E.16 F1 Power Unit’s Energy Recovery System (ERS), which incorporates two motor generator units, the MGU-H and MGU-K, and a battery.

The MGU-K (K for kinetic) is connected to the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. Under braking, the MGU-K operates as a generator, recovering some of the kinetic energy dissipated during braking. It converts this into electricity for a boost equivalent to 120 kW or 160 bhp that can be deployed throughout the lap.

Acting as a generator, the MGU-H (H for heat) absorbs power from the turbine shaft to convert heat energy from the exhaust gases. The electrical energy can be either directed to the MGU-K or to the battery for storage for later use.

Infiniti has an excellent reputation for performance hybrid vehicles. The hybrid system in the Q70 has been recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest hybrid over a quarter mile and the Infiniti Q50 uses the same system. This strong and valuable expertise will be put to good use by the team in Viry-Châtillon as a team of Infiniti hybrid specialists move from Japan to France in 2016 to support development.

The partnership is based on a solid five-year plan. Production car engineers will collaborate with F1 specialists, thus enabling the benefits to cross pollinate to Infiniti’s road car portfolio.

In parallel, Infiniti markets will continue to have access to Formula 1 for marketing activities.

“During our five years of sponsorship with Red Bull Racing, we achieved all our targets in terms of brand awareness,” said Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti Motorsport Global Director. “As an automotive company, the next step was to strengthen our credibility by becoming an active player within Formula 1. The creation of the Renault Sport Formula One Team with our Alliance partner Renault gives us an ideal opportunity to make this natural evolution from sponsor to technical partner. Infiniti will have a direct input to the Energy Recovery System in the Renault Sport Formula One Team. Our know-how will benefit the team on track, but we will also learn a great deal in the extreme environment of F1 that we will be able to transfer back to our road car portfolio. Our first target is to increase technical credibility supporting Renault Sport with our valuable expertise in hybrid technology, the second objective is to increase excitement and engagement for our customers, dealers and employees. The news has already been greeted with enormous enthusiasm within the company, which is critical in supporting our core business.”

Infiniti FX 50 – Sebastian Vettel Version

What do you get when you put Formula 1 racer, Sebastian Vettel, behind the wheel of an Infiniti FX 50 and let him make modification to the vehicle to increase it’s performance?? Excitement!

Catch a glimpse of how Sebastian Vettel inspired the Infiniti design team to create the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version Concept. Watch as this unique performance vehicle comes to life and is revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The FX Sebastian Vettel Version Concept sits 20 millimeters lower than the production FX50 and will achieve speeds of 300 kilometers per hour (186mph). This vehicle embodies the true spirit of performance engineering.

New Infiniti Commercial Features Formula One Driver Sebastian Vettel

Grubbs Infiniti is excited about the new Infiniti TV spot is set to air in the upcoming Montreal Formula One (F1) race on June 10. This spot features Sebastian Vettel and highlights the Infiniti/F1 partnership, while focusing on Infiniti’s perspective of luxury performance.


Yokohama, Japan (15th March 2012) – Infiniti, the luxury car manufacturer from Japan, today announces the forthcoming launch of a major global advertising campaign featuring Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel, the double Formula One World Champion, will be the focus of an above the line strategy encompassing digital media, viral content films, a series of collector’s posters and Infiniti’s first ever globally broadcast television commercial.

The launch of the TV ad, filmed on location in Spain prior to the final pre-season F1 test session in Catalunya in early March, is scheduled to coincide with the weekend of the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix (26-27th May).

The collaboration builds on the relationship established between Infiniti and the Red Bull Racing driver in 2011, when Vettel was named as Infiniti’s first ever Global Brand Ambassador. Along with driving an Infiniti FX50S as his personal road car and making regular media appearances for the brand, Vettel was also central to the design and development of his ‘ultimate Infiniti’, the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version. This 300kph racing-inspired Infiniti FX will be making the transition from concept car to a limited edition production run, as announced at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month.

2012 marks the second year of partnership between Infiniti and Red Bull Racing and will see more prominent Infiniti branding on the F1 cars, drivers and team equipment. Both organisations are exploring the opportunities for a technical collaboration in the future.

Speaking about the upcoming advertising campaign, Simon Sproule, Corporate Vice President, Global Marketing Communications, Nissan Motor Company, said: “This is an exciting new campaign which, following on from last year’s successful Vettel FX project, further illustrates how Infiniti is maximising its partnership with Sebastian Vettel.

“Sebastian is undoubtedly the biggest name within the world’s most high profile form of motorsport, and he epitomises Infiniti’s ‘Inspired Performance’ tagline. We feel he is the perfect person to lead the brand’s first ever global advertising campaign.

“The campaign will help to communicate Infiniti’s unique approach to performance and luxury, a philosophy shared by Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing.”

Commenting on the upcoming ad, Sebastian Vettel said: “Having driven the range of Infinitis for the past year and co-developed a special edition FX, I was happy to work with Infiniti on this campaign. I had great fun shooting the advert in Spain, and I can’t wait to see the finished product in the coming weeks!”

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