On The Road with Grubbs Infiniti: Santa Fe, NM

On the Road with Grubbs Infiniti

On the Road with Grubbs Infiniti! Destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The  trip was 639 miles and the goal was to get some snow, Hatch green chilis and Southwest art.  We loaded up a QX60 with luggage, lots of snacks, 4 passengers and hit the gas!

When you’re traveling with 4 passengers, the interior of the QX60 is perfect with all the extra legroom and the optional 3rd row seats.  We were able to get all the luggage and still leave room for any great purchases we found in Santa Fe.  Even though the landscape is pretty flat along 287, the amazing wind turbines really punctuated the view.   

Grubbs Windmills QX60Grubbs QX60 in New Mexico

If you’ve never been to New Mexico, it’s worth a visit.  It’s called “The Land of Enchantment” for a reason. From sprawling ranches to a thriving art scene, Texas’s neighbor boasts a wealth of history and rich heritage. 

Time for a break and some coffee.  We made great time in the QX60 and with such great fuel economy, trips to the pump were few and far between.

Grubbs QX60 Taking a BreakGrubbs QX60 Sangre De Cristo Mountains

For those wanting to ski and hike, Santa Fe is home to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  As the landscape changed, we caught glimpses of snow and a view of the peaks in the distance. Because all guests have a personal idea of comfort, the QX60 offers three distinct climate zones. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers enjoy their own set of controls. We were warm and toasty for the whole trip.

Santa Fe, New Mexico!  The oldest capital city in the US and renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and as a creative arts hotbed.  It’s called, “The City Different” and when you visit, you’ll discover a mecca for food, art and fun. 

Grubbs QX60 Southwest ColumnsGrubbs QX60 Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

We gave ourselves 4 days in Santa Fe and made sure to include visits to the city’s historic landmarks including the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, built in the 1800’s.  

A stay at the Inn and Spa at Loretto puts you right in the heart of Santa Fe and minutes from the art on Canyon Road.  

Grubbs QX60 Inn and Spa at LorettoGrubbs QX60 Cafe Pasquals

We bundled up and headed into the square for breakfast at Cafe Pasquals. Santa Fe is famous for their Hatch Green Chili and Pasquals is a local favorite for serving up fresh, seasonal, organic and naturally raised foods. Delicious!

The QX60 delivered exceptional handling during our Santa Fe adventure. We headed up the hills for a breathtaking view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  The name of the mountains refers to the occasional reddish hues observed during sunrise and sunset. With all the fresh snow, skiers and snowboarders were in heaven.

Grubbs QX60 Sangre de Cristo MountainsGrubbs QX60 Welcome to Texas

It’s good to be back home in Texas!  The miles flew by with our theater package in the Infiniti QX60. With dual 7-inch screens and Bose surround, we watched our favorite movies during the drive back to Dallas/Ft Worth.  It was a fun adventure and our QX60 from Grubbs Infiniti made the drive a pleasure.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

The Art of Grubbs Infiniti

The Art of Grubbs Infiniti FacebookGrubbs Infiniti has long believed that their beautiful luxury vehicles should be surrounded by equally beautiful architecture and art.  So they were pleased to present a group exhibition of new works featuring Texas artists.  “The Art of Grubbs Infiniti” was held on Thursday, August 13th and was attended by many Dallas/Ft Worth collectors, media and VIP’s.  The new Grubbs Infiniti is the largest Infiniti dealership in the world and the perfect showcase for an art event.  Owner George Grubbs III said, “Our customers tell us it’s wonderful to visit Grubbs Infiniti and experience the fine art we feature every day. We wanted to open our doors to more artists and celebrate new and upcoming artists in our community.”

The Art of Grubbs Infiniti featured prominent artists including abstracts from Melissa Key and bold sculptures from Manuel Sarmiento and Artisan’s Collective. Grubbs Infiniti also invited student artists from the Grapevine/Colleyville schools to exhibit and presented them with a $1000 donation to their art department.  The school’s Art Director Jeff Nisbet said, “I think this event is remarkable.  To have my students have this experience, to have George Grubbs III as an alumni giving back to his school and his roots is amazing. I love working with students and seeing their perspectives on the world reflected in their art.  To have them featured this way is so rewarding.”  Works from Grapevine High School students Hawley Young and Erin Branscum drew great reviews and both are going to college to pursue careers in art. 

During the evening, guests were treated to appetizers from City Kitchen and one of the highlights of the event was the inclusion of margaritas made from Casamigos Reposado Tequila.  “Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to try Casamigos and I thought it would be a perfect compliment to our evening. The event was such a huge success.  Everywhere I turned, people were smiling, laughing, eating and enjoying the art”, said George Grubbs III.

To learn more about Grubbs Infiniti, visit www.GrubbsInfiniti.com

Happy Group George with Students Red Art Piece Casamigos Art and Guests

11th Annual Grubbs Infiniti Freeze Off

Grubbs Freeze Off Winners

From Left to Right: Darrin Brown, Allie Martinez, Gene Johnson. Darrin won with his Caramel Chocolate Chunk. Gene took second with his Vanilla with Strawberry and Allie received 3rd with her Cookies and Cream

We celebrated our 11th Annual “Freeze Off” here at Grubbs Infiniti and it’s one of my favorite events.  To be fair, I get to sample a ton of homemade ice-cream, but it’s more than that.  I get to spend time with the amazing men and women who work to make Grubbs Infiniti such a wonderful place.  We laugh, we share stories and we create the kind of bond that makes us a real family.  There are people who have been with us for so many years.  I’ve watched their kids grow up and it’s wonderful to see pictures and hear the latest stories on what they’re doing now. Growing up, my Dad always stressed that the key to happy customers was surrounding yourself with a team that was happy, respected and valued.  Having fun events like our Freeze Off is a big part of that.  Seeing all those smiling faces as our staff enjoyed great BBQ and homemade ice cream made me happy.  And I’m pretty sure that when you visit in the future, you’ll experience some of that happiness too.  You’ll see it in the warm smile that greets you when you walk in the door.  You’ll hear it in our voices when we let you know how much we appreciate your business.  And, you’ll see it in all the little touches that make you feel like a genuine VIP. 

At Grubbs Infiniti we take a lot of pride in the work we do.  We know we have an amazing line of vehicles and there’s something wonderful about making luxury like this affordable for Dallas/Ft Worth families.  We know our new facility in Grapevine is a completely new and remarkable experience for our customers.  There’s a Customer Cafe with catered lunches and snacks, a business center where you can catch up with work on our free wifi with a gourmet coffee or soft drink.  We’ve worked so hard to create an environment that’s warm, beautiful and full of happy people who want to help you find the perfect Infiniti.  And, if you want the recipe for our winning ice-cream, we’ll pass that along as well.

George Grubbs III

Owner/General Manager

The Judges Arrive Ready to Judge Time to Eat

Grubbs Infiniti Grapevine – Now Open

The big day has finally arrived!  We are now open in our new home in Grapevine.  We welcome you to visit us and experience our top level of service.

Since being one of the first Infiniti dealers in the country and the first in Texas, its exciting to think about this being our third building for this brand.  This is actually the second time we are opening the World’s largest Infiniti dealership.  We have experienced so much growth over the years, it only makes sense for us to do it again.  Our first location in Fort Worth was a small building on about 1 acre.  We then moved to Euless and our second building, the World’s largest at the time, was around 35,000 square feet on 5 acres.  Now that we are in Grapevine we have built a 75,000 square foot building on 12 acres.

We thank all of our loyal clients over the years and we look forward to serving you and our new clients for years to come at our new location in Grapevine, TX.  Below are some teaser photos but you need to come see the rest of our new home for yourself.

Exterior Gallery Gallery2 Hallway

Grubbs Infiniti Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Grubbs Infiniti 25 Year Award

Twenty-five years is a big milestone for any company and for Grubbs Infiniti, it’s validation that they made the right decision all those years ago.  Grubbs Infiniti became one of the first 51 Infiniti dealerships in the United States and celebrated their 25th Anniversary on January 8th with a presentation from Infiniti.   

A True Original

In 1989, George Grubbs Jr. founded the first Infiniti dealership in Texas.  The Grubbs family knew that Infiniti would pioneer many enhanced driving assistance technologies and offer superior design and value for their premium vehicles.  Over the years, Grubbs Infiniti established one of the strongest brands in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and continued to expand on their family’s reputation for honesty, integrity and customer focused service.

Honoring a Legacy

On Thursday, January 8th, Grubbs Infiniti was honored as one of 23 original dealerships to achieve 25 years of service.  George Grubbs Junior was proud to have reached the milestone.  “Back 25 years ago, we had a hope and a dream of what this might become.  But now Infiniti has established itself as one of the top tier luxury brands.  We have so many customers that have had three, four, five Infiniti vehicles over that time and it’s really great to see it become what we had really hoped it would be. It’s a fulfillment of a dream.”  Eric Anderson, Regional Vice President of Infiniti West said, “The Grubbs family has done a great job representing the Infiniti brand.  We’re very centered on the customer experience and the Grubbs family has done a fantastic job taking care of our customers.” 

Moving to Grapevine

The next 25 years will bring about big changes for the Grubbs Family as they open the world’s largest Infiniti dealership in the world in Grapevine early 2015.  The new luxury facility will offer a Customer Cafe with catered snacks, lunches and desserts made fresh everyday plus a VIP Lounge with free WIFI and Starbucks Coffee.  George Grubbs III is excited to show off the new showroom and facility.  “The new Grubbs Infiniti will redefine what customers will expect from a premium experience. Prepare to be pampered.” 

Holidays at Grubbs Infiniti

Christmas Grubbs Infiniti

I love this time of year.  Not just because we get to have fun with the Infiniti Limited Engagement Winter Event and offer our customers the most attractive offers of the year. (That is a pretty fantastic reason to celebrate)

I also love the lights, the decorations, the music and the cookies.  Ok, I gravitate to those cookies year round, but you get the point.  Christmas and the holiday season is such a wonderful time for my family and the amazing team we have here at Grubbs Infiniti

Especially since we’re moving to Grapevine in 2015 off Highway 114 and Texan Trail.  Every single day, I see more and more of the world’s largest Infiniti dealership taking shape.  I can see the manifestation of a whole new luxury experience for Dallas / Fort Worth.  Because I’m telling you, it’s all about luxury and VIP Service at the newest Grubbs Infiniti in Grapevine.  The new facility will offer a Customer Cafe with catered snacks, lunches and desserts made fresh everyday plus a VIP Lounge with free WIFI and Starbucks Coffee.  When you visit, you’ll be surrounded by Infiniti’s stylish vehicles like the Q40, Q50, the roomy Q70 and more.  We’ll have more room and more inventory so you can give in and try every model in every color and style.  You’ll be able to relax and truly reward your senses with real elegance.  Combine that with the Grubb’s family famous customer service and the new Grubbs Infiniti in Grapevine will easily define a whole new and better way to shop for an Infiniti.  My family has put a lot of thought, time and effort into this dream and it’s so exciting to see it come to fruition. 

So in the meantime, enjoy the season and feel free to visit us during Infiniti’s Limited Engagement Winter Event.  Or, let us know if you want to take advantage of our Valet Plus Service and let us bring a QX80…or any of our award-winning vehicles…to your home or office and let you take it over the river and through the woods for a free 24 hour test drive.  Just let us know how we can serve you and make it a Happy Holiday for you and your family.  Who knows?  Maybe we can share some cookies together.

George Grubbs III

Owner/General Manager

Grubbs Infiniti