Grubbs Infiniti Grapevine – Now Open

The big day has finally arrived!  We are now open in our new home in Grapevine.  We welcome you to visit us and experience our top level of service.

Since being one of the first Infiniti dealers in the country and the first in Texas, its exciting to think about this being our third building for this brand.  This is actually the second time we are opening the World’s largest Infiniti dealership.  We have experienced so much growth over the years, it only makes sense for us to do it again.  Our first location in Fort Worth was a small building on about 1 acre.  We then moved to Euless and our second building, the World’s largest at the time, was around 35,000 square feet on 5 acres.  Now that we are in Grapevine we have built a 75,000 square foot building on 12 acres.

We thank all of our loyal clients over the years and we look forward to serving you and our new clients for years to come at our new location in Grapevine, TX.  Below are some teaser photos but you need to come see the rest of our new home for yourself.

Exterior Gallery Gallery2 Hallway

Staff and Family Preview Day

We are one week away from opening Grubbs Infiniti in Grapevine, the World’s largest Infiniti dealership.  Yesterday, we hosted a Staff and Family preview party for all of our staff and their families.  We had over 250 adults and kids come see our new building in its new finished state.  Most everyone had already chosen their office so they were able to show their family where they will be and also show them around our beautiful building.  We are all very proud to call this our new home and we can’t wait to open the doors to our clients and guests.  Here is our group photo on the Gallery floor.  We can’t wait to serve our clients here!



Social Media? What’s That?

Social Media? What’s That?

Marketing, Public Relations or Customer Service?

The debate on which box (Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Customer Service or something else) to put Social Media into has been going on as long as Social Media has been around.  It has aspects of each of the disciplines mentioned above but cuts horizontally across each of these respective areas.

Here are a few examples:

Customer Service: you log onto your Twitter account in the morning and see if there are any Tweets about your company and find that a customer who came in for anoil change has been waiting for 3 hours and is getting impatient.  They are telling their “online” friends about their experience via Twitter and Facebook.  You don’t have to know anything about social media to know that’s a bad thing!

Knowing that this is happening in “real time” provides an opportunity to do something about the situation and make sure that the customer is satisfied and taken care of before they leave the dealership.  This is a great opportunity to save a customer relationship versus losing a customer for life.  Let’s face it…. 10 years ago people who were dissatisfied with your brand were saying bad things about your products and company and unless they wrote you a letter (or email) you didn’t know about it.  Love it or hate it,  (I hope you love it) now your brand can engage with the consumer in real time and come up with a solution as opposed to never hearing your customers concerns.

Marketing: Since so much time and effort is placed on developing quality TV, newspaper or magazine ads it makes sense to extend the reach and impact of these ads by distributing them through your Social Media channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.  Each of these social media networks are great places to show your followers or fans what you have been doing in terms of marketing and providing additional product information.

The one caveat with using ads in your social media mix is that you don’t want to be putting ads in front of your social media followers all of the time.  Social Media is one place that consumers don’t want to be explicitly sold to or pitched.  They are engaging with the brands (such as Infiniti) on these social networks because they want to get more information about the products, be entertained or have other non purchase interests.

ROSM (Return on Social Media)
I have been asked dozens of times how companies can justify spending money on social media activities such as blogging, establishing a presence on Facebook / Twitter when measuring the return is so difficult?   Especially if the basic tenant of social media is that it’s not explicitly for selling product.

At the end of the day the social media platform’s (their use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) are the companies funnel with a companies website and CRM being where everything flows.  This generates additional web traffic, leads and in the long run leads to an increase in sales.

I will be blogging more on this topic and how Social Media is crucial to the automotive industry over the next few months.  There are some great resources listed below for those looking for additional information.

Great Social Media Articles

GOSO – A web and social media suite for auto dealers

February 2010 – The Social Influence of the Auto Industry

Dell Rides Twitter to $6.5 Million in Sales

Mashable – the authority on Social Media

About Grubbs Infiniti
Grubbs Infiniti is a DFW area Infiniti dealership that specializes in new and pre-owned Infinitis. Our pre-owned lot features not just Infinitis but a wide range of luxury vehicles. Let us know how we can help you. Located at 1661 West Airport Freeway, Euless, TX 76040. 817-318-1200

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Inspiring: 7 Texas Teams in NCAA Tournament

The NCAA Division I Tournament starts this week and Infiniti, the official vehicle of the NCAA Tournament, will take center stage (or is it half court) during the next few weeks of March Madness.

Infiniti has launched an integrated media campaign centered around the NCAA Division I Tournament in addition to the SEC (South Eastern Conference) and Big 10 Conferences. The first phase was launched in January to promote Infiniti’s G line of vehicles. This next chapter focuses on Infiniti’s flagship M line, the new model of which goes on sale this month. But both campaigns are also an effort to reposition the brand.

At Grubbs Infiniti we have been “inspired” by the marketing campaign and partnership developed between Infiniti and the NCAA. At Grubbs Infiniti we have been working to integrate the components of the National Infiniti campaign with our local efforts and have enjoyed doing so.

Now that the selections have been made we are very excited and inspired by the inclusion of 7 Texas teams in the NCAA Tournament this year.  We are going to be rooting each one on as they try to make it into the Sweet Sixteen, Elite 8, Final Four and maybe even a National Championship.  I was at the Final Four when my Alma Mater, George Mason, made it into the Final Four and I know what a thrill that was.  Grubbs Infiniti wishes all of the teams that made it into the tournament the best and especially those 7 teams from Texas that made it.  Everything is bigger and better in Texas!!!

Texas Teams in NCAA Tournament
Baylor (3 Seed)
Houston (13 Seed)
Sam Houston State (14 Seed)
Texas A&M (5 Seed)
University of North Texas (15 Seed)
University of Texas (8 Seed)
University of Texas – El Paso (UTEP) (12 Seed)

Full Listing with Printable Brackets

Click on image for printable bracket.

On Facebook we have developed a custom tab that highlights Infiniti’s sponsorship of the “Bracket Challenge” and the opportunity for a lucky winner to win a 2011 Infiniti M.
We are also going to be posting information about our local teams that are in the tournament such as the University of North Texas “Mean Green” and our regional teams such as the University of Texas “Longhorns”. Other Texas teams will no doubt make it into the tournament and we will find out on “Selection Sunday” when the brackets are set.

Infiniti Encouraging Dealer Participation
Infiniti is encouraging the employees of dealerships nationwide to participate in the Bracket Challenge and has set up an internal contest that each dealership can play. I was disappointed to learn that I can’t win the 2011 Infiniti M but at least I can beat my co-workers .

At Grubbs Infiniti we had our monthly meeting a few days ago where the “Bracket Challenge” was announced and the announcement was greeted with some good smack talking and predictions on who is going to have the best bracket.

We will let you know how our brackets are going. Hope you play along with the Infiniti Bracket Challenge.

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Grubbs Family Automotive History

The Grubbs Family has been involved in the automobile business since 1948 when Hubert Grubbs sold used automobiles in front of his grocery store in Dallas. Hubert later went on to open a used car lot and then a Dodge dealership in Dallas during the early 1950’s.

George Grubbs soon followed in his father’s footsteps after graduating from SMU. He and his wife, Jeanne, moved to Roswell, New Mexico, to start their own used car dealership and later a Volkswagen dealership. George firmly established what would become an ongoing family tradition. As far as George was concerned, anyone could sell a car, but to make his dealership truly stand apart and above the rest, he sought to completely satisfy his customers’ needs. This “customer first” philosophy would be passed down for generations to come.

George and Jeanne’s sons, George Jr. and Eric, literally grew up in the car business. The boys’ first home was a trailer on the lot of their parents’ dealership. When George Jr. and Eric were young, their automotive careers began at the bottom—washing cars at their father’s dealership. Through the years, George Jr. and Eric both worked in every department, holding positions in the service, parts, finance, pre-owned vehicle and new vehicle departments. Both graduated from SMU.

The earlier success of the Roswell dealership had enabled George Grubbs to purchase a larger dealership in Waco, Texas, in 1968. Then in 1971, fresh out of college, George Grubbs, Jr. was chosen by Volkswagen to open a brand new Volkswagen dealership in Corpus Christi, Texas. They both were very successful as Volkswagen dealers. They felt that their early success provided a firm foundation for the family to expand operations to a larger dealership in the Dallas/ Fort Worth market.

Soon, the Grubbs sensed a shift in consumer preferences toward the sporty new cars from Japan. This was a real milestone in the Grubbs family automotive history and marked the beginning of larger operations in Dallas and Fort Worth. George and George Jr. sold their respective Volkswagen dealerships to become partners in 1976 to build and operate a new Datsun (Nissan) dealership in Bedford, Texas, a growing area just west of the new Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The Grubbs family was chosen from a large number of applicants to be the dealer representative and within a few years their Nissan dealership went on to rival larger dealerships across America. Due to its overall success, the dealership has undergone numerous remodeling expansions over the years with a complete update occurring in 2007.

In 1985, the Grubbs family added a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership to the Bedford location, after which in 1999, Grubbs was awarded a Jeep franchise at the same location. That same year, they were chosen to open a Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Duncanville, Texas, and soon after Mazda was added to serve the southern Dallas market.

In 1989 the Grubbs family purchased a large dealership operation in Fort Worth which included Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and Oldsmobile. Shortly after that they were chosen among many applicants to be the dealer representative for the brand new Infiniti franchise as a charter dealer and the first in Texas. George Grubbs Jr. took over sole ownership of Grubbs Infiniti and in 1998 he moved it to Euless where he built the largest Infiniti dealership in the United States at the time.
George III, a graduate of Baylor University, is the Executive Manager of Grubbs Infiniti. Like his father, he also worked in every department of the dealership before assuming operational control of the business. Together with his team, George III has been a multiple year winner of the Infiniti Award of Excellence – Infiniti’s highest award for customer satisfaction. George III is committed to carrying on the family mission of providing the highest level of service to the customer.

The Grubbs family has owned many franchises together. They currently own two dealership locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth market. Eric Grubbs serves as owner of Grubbs Nissan in Bedford, Texas. George Grubbs, Jr. and George Grubbs, III serve together as owners of Grubbs Infiniti in Euless, Texas. Over the last sixty years the Grubbs family has also been dealers for Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln/Mercury, Mazda, Range Rover, Oldsmobile, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Subaru, Audi, Porsche, and Plymouth. They have won multiple awards from each manufacturer for excellence in serving their customers and in dealership facilities. Additionally, George Grubbs, Jr. was a recipient of the Time Magazine Award for dealership excellence. The family has now sold over 200,000 vehicles in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and continues to enjoy a reputation for integrity and family values.

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